Source Kaieteur News – “Leh We Tek Ah Walk”
In keeping with national plans for Guyana’s 50th Independence Celebration, today there is to be a launch of Guyana’s first walking tour initiative. The initiative is a partnership alliance between former three times National Beauty Ambassador Ruqayyah Boyer and former Flight Attendant of Vision Air Candace Tuanna Layne.

All set for the Georgetown walking tours: Three times National Beauty Ambassador Ruqayyah Boyer and former Flight Attendant of Vision Air Candace Tuanna Layne.

Both Travel aficionados will launch the initiative today at Pegasus Hotel Oasis lounge and anticipates the presence of collaborating officials from related ministries, organizations and contributing sponsors during the short program constructed to this effect.
Provotique Walking Tours has also formed an alliance with the Guyana Police Force ‘A Division’ which has committed to aiding in the capacity of security detail during each walking tour prior to the Independence showdown and post the celebrations.
The venture that is aimed at being a long term venture is being launched this year to be timely with plans to include city bicycle tours to include soon in the making.
Those seeking the services for a tour of the city can log on to
According to Boyer, Provotique is a registered umbrella trademarked company with the tagline “Innovation that Inspires’. It is geared to introducing an array of innovative initiatives that can bring about a positive change in Guyana.
The first installment of Provotique was launched last year August under the banner, Provotique Image and Beauty Pageant Consultancy (tagline: Developing Excellence). With the gradual growth of clients and success of this initiative the former beauty ambassador, actress and TV presenter was able to cater to the second installment, Provotique Walking Tours’ which is scheduled to be launched this Friday 12:30 at the Pegasus Hotel, one of the company’s collaborating partners.
This new venture, Ms Boyer, stated is a Partnership alliance between herself and former coworker and flight attendant Candace Tuanna Layne who like Boyer will be conducting walking tours.
Ms Layne is officially designated as the Chief Operating Officer for the walking tour company.
The soon to be launched initiative has an overall team of seven persons.
Other guides jumpstarting this initiative include local actor and comedian, Lyndon Jumbie Jones, and Spoken Word Poet, Yerrodin Akeel Bowen.
Boyer and Layne will also be conducting the guided tours. She stated that while having the facts, being trained as professionals and knowing the history of each site is important to selling the entire package deal, her main focus is on experience value and for her that meant having a team of great but diverse and entertaining personalities that can make guests feel at home when being fed historical data and folklore of the garden city.
When considering the issue of security the company has managed to partner with the Guyana Police Force ‘A’ Division who will be providing security detail for each walk and commend them for their continuous work in seeing our country become a safe haven. Also we have collaborated with local translator services in the event we hope to accommodate tourists who do not speak English.
The idea of introducing the first specialized walking tour company in Guyana was birthed out of the mere fact that when it comes to activities for tourists and locals alike to engage in, whether it be the capital city of Georgetown or the outskirt main lands, an enormous void existed.
Young people and even the older folks are bleeding for an engaging outlet in the city. After some world travel and experiencing the different walking tours offered in different parts of the globe whether it be New Orleans, Charlestown, London, Indonesia or Japan, one thing remained true—that one of the most fulfilling ways to really learn and discover a new destination was via having a guided walk.
With our untapped tourism potential it was decided that this was great industry to venture into as Guyana is gradually developing in that arena as a country.
‘When I thought about what aspect of tourism I can contribute to most effectively I thought of specializing in one core area and adding, not subtracting, to the pool of all the other tour related companies that were already in existence.
“I believe that we do have beautiful waterfalls, rainforest, ecotourism, resorts and the lot that allow for great experiences but I think our richness and the real experiences lie right in the heart of the city where everything is busy and happening.
“All we need is a structure where city folks can slow down and get to know more about the place the dwell. That is also why a local fee for tours was taken into consideration to accommodate affordability.”
Ms. Layne who is also a driving force behind this project commented that she is very elated about her role in trying to restore a sense of national pride, that with the 50th anniversary celebrations nearing she hopes to inform as many locals and tourists venturing unto our soil.
Travel remains her passion and since being onboard an aircraft didn’t complete its full transition this initiative was the next best thing to ensuring she worked in an environment where her passion for travel people and history was a rewarding daily experience.
The motto of Provotique Walking Tours is “Leh We Tek Ah Walk”